15W solar lighting


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Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Panel : 18V/15W   

Size:                        355*350*18MM

Lead Acid Battery :            12V/9AH

Controller      12V/3A

Control Box Size    215*119*137MM

LED Light        3W/6V/12V 2pcs

Light Wire         5M/26#


FM Maximum power5W      

FM Music playerSD/U Disk

Solar Panel Line: Solar Panel Line

Output:   5V/12V



 1.Using 1.SCM as the master, to achieve a battery charge and discharge of the intelligent control, overcharge, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, when the load is overloaded, the system will automatically shut down, automatically return to normal after a few seconds, effectively extending the battery life, battery over-discharge voltage rise control.

2.Ultra-low power standby function: When ON / OFF switch is in the OFF state, the product enters a low power state.

3.USB Output: When charging mobile phone/MP3/MP4/digital camera, the output current reach above 5V500mA.

4.DC12V Output : When DC12V output current exceeds 3A, overload protection start, output will automatically shut down.

5.Charge and discharge independent function: charging, discharging without disturbing each other, can realized discharged while charging.

6.Charge and discharge indicator: monitoring system at any time charge and discharge status. When charging, the charging indicator red light, green light when full; when discharging, work instructions green light, low-voltage protection, work instructions red.

7.Radio: hidden software antenna, according to switch control, simple operation, automatic income units feature adjustable volume, you can also insert an SD card, U disk music player; FM radio function, FM radio frequency range: 87.6 ~ 108MHz.


Package1 pc/box 4 pcs/ctn            

Box Size158*244*343MM                      

Carton Size642*255*410MM                   

Solar Panel Package Size375*370*175mm,8pcs /ctn 

                                                                                                   GW21.5 kg/CTN(system)

G.W: 16KG/CTN(panel)