1KW offgrid solar power


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    Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

    Brand Name: THS

    Model Number: THS-1000W

    Specification: Normal

    Application: Home

    Output Voltage (V): DC 24V, AC220V,230V,240V

    Load Power (W): 1000W

    Solar Power (W): 1000W

    Work Time (h): 24

    Name: complete 1KW off grid solar energy system for home use

    Controller: 24V/40A MPPT controller

    Battery type: Lead acid batteries/gel batteries

    Inverter type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Panel: Poly/ Mono model

    Grade of solar panel: A

    Standard Test Condition: 1000W/,1.5AM,25

    Warranty: solar panel 25 years output power warranty, 5 years material warranty

    Certificates: CE,ISO,etc.

    Solar panel: 250W*4pcs


What is the off-grid power generating system?


Off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of solar panels, controller, storage


battery, off grid inverter, solar power generation through the assembly, by the controller


on the battery charge and discharge management, and to the DC for providing power to a


load or through the inverter and provide


electrical power to a new type of AC load.


 Solar panel Characteristics

 1, High reliability with guaranteed +/-3% output power tolerance

 2,The modules can withstand high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures

 3,Bypass diodes to minimize power loss with shading

 4,High and stable conversion efficiency to ensure the highest quality



Feature of controller:

1,Integrated MPPT capability increases PV system efficiency 20%~30%

2,ADC Load

3, An optional battery temperature sensor ensure precise battery charge.

4, LED displays to indicate the status of charge.

5,Lighting protection.

6, Reverse current at night.

7,Three-stage battery charging (bulk,absorption,and float) with optional temperature Compensation.

8, It can improve battery life.

9, Automatic overload protection in both active and passive modes.

10, Microprocessor controlled.

11,2years warranty.

Controller Specifications :



Feature of deep cycle battery:

Special additives make battery have superior high discharge current performance

High-strength ABS plastic shell.

A large number of statistical techniques used in production.

High-density lead paste, high temperature and humidity curing process, long life span

Multiple levels of security

Long designed life, it can reach up to 5-8 years

Battery Specifications:


Constant Current (Amp) and Constant Power (Watt) Discharge Table at (25)



Features of inverter:

Applied SMT technology, greatly improved the quality, reliability, consistency and reduced the interface of the electromagnetism and radio frequency.

High frequency transformer design with low no-load current and ultra-low power loss, backup time is 20% longer than normal frequency inverter on the same working condition.

Output high quality pure sine wave (220V±1%, THD≤2%), be able to drive many different loads such as computer, light, TV, fans, etc.

High transfer efficiency up to 90%.

Be able to recharge the batteries automatically when the inverter is off.

Full protections:

High voltage & low voltage protection, it will stop output when DC input voltage is high/low   an recovery automatic if voltage in the DC input voltage range. 

Overload protection. It will stop output when overload and recovery automatic when excess loads disconnected.

Over-heat protection. Applied with thermostat cooling fan can save energy, it works only when temperature up to 45. And inverter will stop working when heat sink temperature up to 90.

 inverter Specifications :