customized size cutting solar cells with any size


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Product Description

customized size cutting solar cells with any size

Physical Characteristics

Thickness:200μm±20μm / 180μm±20μm


2.Both efficiency and Impp sorting to enhance module output power.
3.100% in-line inspection of optiCal,Irev (<2.0A @-10V, <2.5a and="">10 ohm).
4.Long term efficiency sability and excellent reliability.
5.ISO 9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.


                  Front(-)                                                                                 Back(+)

blue nitride silicon antireflection coating                          Aluminum back surface field

               1.5mm wide bus bars                                               2.0mm wide soldering pads




High conversion efficiency resulting in superior power output performance.

Outstanding power output even in low light or high temperature conditions.

Optimized design for ease of soldering and lamination.

Long-term stability, reliability and performance .

Low breakage rate.

Output power tolerance of   +/- 3%.